The Rhine Castle trail runs approx 500 meters post our house
Use the Sennerhof as your base and complete several stages of the trail. The very good train service which stops at many stations along the way allows you to start and end each stage independently.


Along the left bank of the Rhine there is a continuous cycle path between Bingen and Koblenz. We will also provide information for more demanding tours.

Castles and Loreley

At no place in the world do so many castles and chateaux appear together. Masterpieces of architecture and cultural history will make your trip a memorable experience. The visitor center at the legendary Loreley rock explains the sad history of the maiden Loreley.

Nordic Walking

In recent years, some Nordic Walking routes have been identified around Oberwesel. We have maps and will happily give you more information.

Rhine cruises

A romantic cruise is part of any short break or holiday on the Rhine. Experience new perspectives when viewing the Rhine Valley from the water. We have timetables for your use.